AOL Download And Install Step By Step For Windows 10

17 Jan

AOL desktop is an online suite produced by AOL that integrates an internet browser with a media player and a moment messenger. The gold version is that the premium version offered by AOL which offers all the features of AOL desktop alongside high-end security offered by AOL.

In case you're a replacement subscriber here are few basics steps for AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install on Windows 10.

Prerequisites for AOL Download

AOL Desktop gold is one of the foremost user-friendly software available and it's compatible with most. However, to download AOL gold here are few prerequisites:

  • Keep a minimum of 512MB of free space on your disk drive
  • The RAM of your desktop should be a minimum of 1GB
  • A stable internet connection
  • Browser with the newest version viz. Internet Explorer 7+
  • A computer processor of 266MHz or faster
  • A high screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher

Steps to AOL Desktop Gold Download

There are three alternative ways for AOL Download gold versions for various user subscriptions. The steps are given below:

  1. Steps to download just in case you're an AOL Advantage plan member
  • Note that AOL desktop gold is included at no additional charges during a case with having a membership
  • Start with signing in to your MyBenefits page
  • Now attend the All Products section
  • In the All Products section scroll to AOL Desktop Gold Download
  • And click on Download now an option
  • And finally, keep following the installation steps.

2. In case you are an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription

  • Open and sign in to your My Accounts page
  • Click open my services or subscription option
  • Under AOL Desktop Gold option click on Get started option
  • Finally, follow the installation steps

3. In case you have received the link from official AOL signup confirmation email

  • Start from searching your inbox for the subject Get started with AOL desktop gold
  • Open the email
  • Click on the download AOL Desktop Gold or update now an option
  • Go to your download folder and click save option
  • Follow install AOL Gold steps for completion of installation.

Steps to install AOL desktop gold

  • In case you have already downloaded AOL Desktop Gold Download on your pc here are the steps to install it.
  • Open the file explorer icon from your desktop taskbar
  • Now click on the downloads folder
  • You will find the Install_AOL desktop icon double click on it
  • Click on the run option
  • Click on install now

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